Protecting Your Parental Rights During Child Custody Disputes

When time with your children is at stake, it is easy for custody disputes to quickly erupt into legal battles. At Ayla O'Brien Law Firm, P.C., we understand what you are going through. Our goal is to protect your relationship with your children, securing custody arrangements that benefit you and your kids. We provide comprehensive representation at all stages of child custody cases from the filing of initial pleadings and modifications to representation at custody conferences, master’s hearings and trial if a custody agreement cannot be reach through reasonable negotiations.

The Best Interests Of The Children: The Legal Standard Used In Custody Cases

Child custody disputes are stressful and emotionally trying. You want what’s best for your kids, but you and the other parent may fundamentally disagree on what that means.

In Pennsylvania, courts have a long list of factors they examine when determining what is in the best interests of minor children. While it is possible for one parent to obtain sole legal and physical custody, the courts tend to prefer shared custody arrangements. However, this does not necessarily mean children split their time equally between households.

Did you know there are two types of custody? Physical refers to which parent will be with the kids and when. Legal custody determines each parent’s rights to make decisions about the upbringing of the children (where they go to school, religious indoctrination, etc.).

Ayla O'Brien Law Firm, P.C., helps clients seek the best outcomes for you and most importantly your children. Whether through a negotiated custody agreement, or litigating custody in court, we will work to ensure that you can maintain a strong relationship with your kids and that you retain important decision-making rights.

Our Firm’s Advantage: We Know The Courts

Because Pennsylvania is a Commonwealth rather than a state, there are significant variations in procedures by county. Therefore, it’s important to work with a lawyer who knows the terrain. Our attorney, Ayla O’Brien, focuses her practice in Pennsylvania, and is intimately familiar with various local practices and procedures.

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